mardi 30 août 2016

Chuck JACKSON - 1965 - US-WAND WDS 667 - Mr everything (stereo)

Toujours aussi classes les prestations de Chuck JACKSON.

Un choix de titres judicieux :
"I need you" qui sera repris par les WALKER BROTHERS
"Since I don't have you" des SKYLINERS
"I just don't know what to do with myself" aussi par Dusty SPRINGFIELD
"Love is a many splendored thing" des FOUR ACES
"Work song" de Cannonball ADDERLEY
"Something you got" aussi par Wilson PICKETT

et en plus j'aime bien "If I didn't love you"


3 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for sharing the great Chuck Jackson...appreciated.

  2. Thank you for Chuck Jackson, he was and is Mr. Everything.